Baseball and softball fields proposed for Meridian High School

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MERIDIAN, Miss. Meridian High School may be getting two new athletic fields on campus.

The Meridian Public School District Board of Trustees discussed the possibility of building a baseball and softball field during a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Meridian High School Athletic Director Chuck Butler confirmed the proposal.

“We are in the early stages of getting costs of what we think is going to run,” Butler said. “We are trying to team with the city and the county to get some help with the work.”

Butler shared the vision for where both fields would be on campus.

The school wants to put both fields between the football practice field and 23rd Avenue, stretching between Ross Collins Career & Technical Center and the ninth grade field.

The current proposal is not the first time Meridian High School has advocated for a baseball field on campus.

“There were plans drawn to put a baseball field there 10 years ago or more,” Butler said. “We’ve wanted to do this for a long time but the money hasn’t been there or for whatever reason it hasn’t been pursued.”

Butler believes this time will be different due to support from school administrators and county officials.

“The biggest thing is that the administration is behind this,” Butler said. “It’s got the support of the top administration in our district, the mayor’s office in the city and the county supervisors. We feel like we can get this done and it’s a high priority for us.”

Butler shared Meridian High School’s commitment to maintaining its current athletic facilities as well, stating that the track and tennis courts will be resurfaced next month.