Enterprise's Dunkin' Dawgs season ends Friday

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ENTERPRISE, Miss. (WTOK) The Enterprise High School Dunkin' Dawgs basketball team is gearing up for its final game of the season on Friday.

The Dawgs are part of EHS' Unified Club, an organization that brings together students with and without intellectual disabilities to engage in sports, community service and more.

The basketball team is composed of students Blaine Parker, Grant "Gigi" Goodman, Joey Pompa and Justin Pittman. The Dawgs also have their own cheerleaders which include students Lakeisha Patton, Taylor Boyd, Chloe Davis and Madison Carney.

Enterprise special education teacher's Anita Lowery and Marie Mccool helped create Unified Club at the high school and are thrilled at how successful it has been.

"There's no word that can really explain the excitement that is on their (the players) faces," Lowery said. "If you ever have a bad day or a bad moment, Dunkin' Dawgs basketball team is where you need to be."

EHS' varsity boys basketball team competes against the Dunkin' Dawgs due to no other area schools having Unified Club sports teams. Head Coach Justin Sollie said his team was excited when the team was formed at the start of the school year.

"They were pumped about it. It's probably one of the most highly attended clubs on our campus," Sollie said. "A lot of people were very excited about just the aspect of us getting to compete together so the Unified name fits in that regard for sure."

Enterprise is encouraging other school districts to form their own Unified Clubs so the Dunkin' Dawgs will be able to compete against other teams instead of play the varsity boys team.

"We want to encourage other school districts to meet with the Special Olympics of Mississippi to become a Unified School," McCool said. "That way our Dunkin' Dawgs can actually play against other school districts and their teams so that we're not competing against members of our club."

Enterprise School District Superintendent Josh Perkins hopes the school will add even more sports for Unified Club along with basketball and cheer.

"It's been a great thing but hopefully we can expand on it," Perkins said. "It would be great to look at different sports and look at different opportunities for them to participate in throughout the school year."

The Dunkin' Dawgs have their final game of the season Friday, Jan. 31 at 4:30 pm and are encouraging everyone to come out and support the team.