Neshoba Central and Union advance to bowling state championship

PHILADELPHIA, Miss. (WTOK) The MHSAA Class II Central Regional Bowling Tournament was held Friday afternoon at Family Depot Lanes in Philadelphia.

The top two teams, both boys and girls, that won at the regional tournament automatically qualified for the state championship in Jackson, happening Feb. 12-14.

Teams that competed in the class II tournament included area teams Neshoba Central and Choctaw Central along with schools Louisville, Florence, Richland, Vicksburg and Ridgeland.

The Neshoba Central boys and girls team won the regional tournament for the fourth straight year. The Neshoba Central girls team won with a total pin count of 2,422 beating second place Florence by 627 pins. On the flip side, the Neshoba Central boys won with a total pin count of 2,892 beating second place Ridgeland by 653 pins.

Neshoba Central senior Destiny Dill, who has bowled for the Rockets since the 7th grade and won four state championships with the team, shared what it is like to come out and compete for a state title year after year.

"It's very exciting. I love being here with my teammates. We all get pretty excited about this,more excited than most teams and it's just a good time," Dill said. "It's a good time to be with your friends and go through this together. Everybody on my team is pretty motivational so it's just always great. We love the competition so we're always in competition with each other."

Neshoba Central senior John Barrett shared how the Rockets separate themselves from the competition and remain successful each year.

"We're just a very close team. We hangout together a lot, we come bowling a lot and I don't think a lot of the other teams do that," Barrett said. "I think they don't really care that much but our team takes it very seriously."

Both the Neshoba Central boys and girls will look to add to the trophy case when they compete in the state championship on Feb. 12.

The Union girls team will also be competing in the state championship in Jackson for Class I on Feb. 14.