Philadelphia's Lideatrick Griffin selected to compete in Under Armour All-American Game

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PHILADELPHIA, Miss. The Under Armour All-American Football Game is one of the most elite events for a high school football player to be invited to.

Every year, the top 100 high school football players in the nation are selected by a committee to compete in the annual event held every January in Florida. NFL players like Julio Jones, Michael Thomas and A.J. Green were all selected as Under Armour All-Americans when they were in high school.

Lideatrick "Tulu" Griffin is one of the lucky 100 high school seniors that will be competing in this year's game. The Mississippi State commit will be joined by other elite high school football players from all across the United States, with many committed to Division I programs like himself.

"It's gonna be cool to meet other kids," Griffin said. "I don't like talking much though but I'll make friends."

Griffin said he found out "a few months ago" he was selected but confessed he did not know much about it.

"I didn't know too much about it really," Griffin said. "I didn't even know about the All-American Game until last year so I didn't even think I was going to get picked."

But sure enough he did.

Griffin and Philadelphia Head Coach David Frey will fly to Orlando in January for the game, which will take place on Jan. 2 at Camping World Stadium. Coach Frey said he was "a little surprised" when he got the call but was excited for his player.

"He deserves it," Frey said. "He is one of the best players in Mississippi and really in the nation at his position so he's well deserving of it."

While both Griffin and Coach Frey said they are excited to go to Orlando, they shared that one small problem could get in the way of them going.

"He [Tulu] has never flown and I think he's kind of worried about that," Frey said. "I haven't been on a plane either so I'm kind of right there with him."

"He [Coach Frey] doesn't want to fly just like I don't," Griffin said. "I'm scared of heights but I'm just not gonna sit by the window."

Griffin will celebrate his birthday in January and said getting to go to Orlando will be "a nice vacation" for himself.