Senior Spotlight: Garrett Galyean

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ENTERPRISE, Miss. Some athletes spend days, even weeks preparing for a tryout

(Courtesy: Garrett Galyean)

That wasn’t the case for Garrett Galyean.

“I picked up a racquet one time for 15 minutes right before the tryout," Galyean said.

Even with no prior tennis experience Garrett made the team his sophomore year and has only grown since.

"My sophomore and junior season I got district runner-up and I went and played in state both years," Galyean said.

Head coach Justin Sollie believed Galyean was going to advance even further this season.

“At state he played a full third set and he lost a tiebreaker in the third set otherwise he would have advanced," Sollie said. "He’s made pretty remarkable improvement and I was really excited to see that come to fruition his senior year.”

With the Mississippi High School Activities Association officially cancelling the remainder of the spring sports season, Galyean won’t get another opportunity to try and win a state championship.

He, like many other seniors, is also missing out on one final opportunity to try and impress college scouts.

“I'm really bummed about not being able to play tennis because I had opportunities to go to college off of it," Galyean explained. "That had been something I had been working towards since three years and to have it all taken in the blink of an eye is kind of upsetting.”

Coach Sollie shared how local scouts had reached out with interest in coming to watch Galyean compete.

“At the start of the year I had some JUCO coaches texting me asking for matches they could come see him play in and obviously that’s fallen through," Sollie said. "I'm hoping here in the next week or two to find out he made the MAC Tennis All-Star Team....that will potentially be the one last hoorah for him.”

When Garrett graduates he will still have tennis, but he won’t have the same teammates he formed special relationships with…and a coach he knew long before his tryout sophomore year.

“I love playing tennis and all the people on the team," Galyean said. "I'm friends with everybody and I've known Coach Sollie pretty much my entire life so getting to aggravate him is always a plus haha.”

Coach Sollie shared what he will miss about having Galyean on the team

“I've known him (Galyean) most of his life. We’ve gone to church together so I'm fortunate that I'll get to keep seeing him and be around him," Sollie said. "I'm definitely going to miss the impact he made on me and the team...he always had a great attitude, was a hard worker and I'm going to miss that for sure.”