Senior Spotlight: Ta’Dashia Flowers and Devontae Hill

MHS Golf Seniors Ta’Dashia Flowers and Devontae Hill
MHS Golf Seniors Ta’Dashia Flowers and Devontae Hill(WTOK)
Published: May. 24, 2020 at 11:23 PM CDT
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Golf is a sport that requires focus and dedication.

While those two traits are important to have when playing golf, other important traits are a positive attitude and willingness to have fun, which Ta’Dashia Flowers and Devontae Hill both posses.

“We'll just look at each other and laugh and talk about how it used to be when I first started," Hill said. "When I mess up she’ll laugh at me and when she messes up, I laugh at her and we just laugh together.”

Ta’Dashia was inspired by her grandfather to pick up golf at a young age.

“I started playing because my grandad was a golfer. He played since he was 18 and he would play with my cousins and my brother and I would say 'Oh, I want to go out there with them. I don’t find it fair that they get to spend all the time with him and I don’t,'" Flowers explained. "I just fell in love with the sport I think around middle schooI. I said ‘I see why they come out here now’ because it’s so calming."

Ta’Dashia has competed for Meridian’s golf team since the seventh grade and has participated in several state tournaments for the Wildcats.

On the opposite side, Devontae only started playing golf last year. He recalled the first time he swung a golf club and how it didn’t go according to plan.

“My first day at practice I got up there and I said, ‘This is easy Ta’Dashia I got this! This ball is gonna go all the way to the other end,'" Hunter recalled. "I got up there and I swung but I didn’t keep my eye on the ball so when I swung and I didn’t keep my eye on the ball so when I swung and I followed through, my club just kept on going…and going….and going. My first swing with a golf club, it went out of my hand because I wasn’t focused. You have to focus in this game.”

With Ta’Dashia’s help, who Devontae calls “Coach T”, he improved his technique immensely and the two formed a special bond as both teammates and friends.

Both have also excelled in the classroom during their time at Meridian.

Ta’Dashia was the salutatorian of this year’s graduating class and has a full-ride scholarship to play golf at Mississippi University for Women. Devonte originally planned to attend Mississippi State on an academic scholarship but has since changed his plans, accepting a full-ride scholarship to play football at Trinity International University in Illinois.

While both are excited for each other’s futures, they shared what they will miss most about being teammates.

“Her personality. Ta’Dashia’s personality is amazing. She is a great person. She is funny, loving and caring," Hunter said. "She is always there with open arms. She’s always been a good person.”

“Just hearing him joke and laugh and all that," Flowers said. "Even if you hit a bad shot he will say something to you and you'll think ‘I don’t want to laugh right now’ but he would just say something funny and you think to yourself 'I can't be angry.'"