Family Reaches Out to Others

Seth Harris
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Each day 46 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with some form of cancer.

12-year-old Seth Harris of Bay Springs was one of those. Described by family and friends as a normal, rambunctious boy, he lost his battle with leukemia May 31, 2009.

In an effort to help other families avoid their pain, the Harris family has established the Seth Harris Childhood Cancer Foundation.

"We want to have the money there for us to provide for families that are in need. They may need something," said Rhonda Parker of the Seth Harris Foundation. "Their children may need something at times, and you know, nobody else is there for them. And we also want to take that and disperse it in different areas."

One of the areas the foundation funds is research for childhood cancer.

"Childhood cancer is just considered rare and it doesn't get the research, doesn't have the resources," said Seth's mother, Dawn Harris.

Because the resources are not there, she says children such as Seth are left with few options.

"So basically children are receiving adult drugs, chemotherapy, just in a smaller dosage," said Harris.

Harris says part of the mission of the foundation is to help finance research that specifically targets treatments for children with cancer.

Now with a new baby and memories of her son, Seth, Harris says the events of the past year have truly given her a new lease on life.

"Life is short," said Harris. "And you can't tell your children you love them too much and you can't make too many memories with them."

For more information about the Seth Harris Cancer Foundation, you may call 601-764-7421.