Induction Ceremony for Meridian's Phi Sigma Beta

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A few young leaders of our community already are making steps to better their futures. A few individuals were inducted into an honorary organization Sunday in Meridian.

New, incoming members of Phi Sigma Beta attended their introduction ceremony. The group consists of young men ages eight through 18.

Group leaders say those who join will be able to work on their principle and value system throughout the rest of their lives. The members of the organization hope to prepare these young men to pursue their dreams. The ceremony was held at the council of organizations building in Meridian.

"Self discipline, determination. They will become more courageous, focused, and dedicated to their lives dreams. We the members of Phi Beta Sigma stand as support for them and encourage them on their journey towards success," says Marco McMillian, the International Director of Phi Sigma Beta.

Members of Meridian's Sigma Beta are involved in youth mentoring programs.