Harper Campaigns in Meridian

Gregg Harper of Pearl has previously announced he's running for the third district seat in Congress. But he brought his message directly to Meridian Thursday.

Harper is the prosecuting attorney for the cities of Brandon and Richland.

He said Lauderdale County will probably decide who succeeds Cong. Chip Pickering, who is not seeking re-election, in Washington.

"What goes on here in east Mississippi, specifically in Lauderdale County affects the entire state," said Harper. "And the first thing that I want to be able to work on and try work on is getting that interchange in at the industrial park that needs to be there. That's very, very important. We have to work on our infrastructure."

Harper said he wants to stop taxpayer funding of illegal immigration and secure the nation's borders. He said he's also interested in doing something to help children with special needs and furthering workforce training.