Former NFL Players Crusade for Christ

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Some local students are learning the importance of , 'Making the right choices and listening to the right voices.' This week two former professional football players are speaking to students at local schools. Former New York Giant, Keith Davis and former New England Patriot, Devin Wyman, are in Meridian as part of a countywide crusade sponsored by area churches. The purpose of the school visits is to teach students how to overcome obstacles.

High energy was the atmosphere and high expectations the message that Keith Davis and Devin Wyman relayed to students at Southeast Middle School.

'With everything I've got I'm going to try to steal your dreams. You've got to hold on tight,' says Davis.

Through amazing feats of strength, Keith Davis who previously played for the New York Giants and Devin Wyman, who played for several NFL teams including the New England Patriots during a Super Bowl, are teaching young people about the power each student possesses.

'Families are split up; moms and dads are divorced and kids are bleeding on the inside and they don't even know it,' says Davis. 'So, we're trying to get them to get rid of the bars of the past that have held them back and let them know that today is a new day.'

Siting that the biggest challenges young people have holding them back are the bars of depression, peer pressure, anger and bitterness, Davis even bent a steel bar with his teeth.

'They need this,' says Devin Wyman. ' I was telling the kids that if I had a visual aid, maybe it could've transformed my life.'

'The kids listen to us everyday,' says SEMS Principal Marcus Irby. 'When you have somebody that's respected on the national level, that's like the dream a lot of these kids have, just listening to them really means a lot to the kids.'

'It's never too late!' says Davis. 'Winners look at what they're going to. Losers look at what they're going through!'

Keith Davis and Devin Wyman will be the featured guests at the Greater Lauderdale County Crusade Wednesday night, April 18. The crusade starts Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Lauderdale County Agri-Center.