Rush Orthopedic Surgery using Advanced Robotics

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Meridian, Miss. Technology is ever changing, and Rush Foundation Hospital is staying on the forefront of the changes. Rush has introduced new highly advanced robotics equipment that will perform total hip replacements and partial knee replacements with precision, and Rush is the first hospital in the region to offer such technology.

The MAKOplasty RIO is a surgeon controlled robotic arm system that enables the accurate alignment and placement of implants.

“The MAKO is so precise that when we finished the procedure we are seeing on the x-rays exactly what we have preplanned and the importance of that for hips and knees, is that if we have proper positioning than we are going to increase the longevity of the components,” explained Dr. David Pomierski, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Rush.

The MAKOplasty RIO gives patients reduced risk of relocation, decreased post-operative pain and increased longevity of implants, compared to past procedures.

“To tell patients that maybe you will get about 10 years out of a hip or knee, well fortunately we have under promised and overproduced, so most of them lasted about fifteen to twenty years but now we are looking at trying to increase the longevity to twenty-five or thirty years and that has to do with positioning,” explained Dr. Pomierski.

In addition to the MAKOplasty RIO, the Navio Surgical System uses robotic assisted technology that integrates hand held intelligent instruments for partial knee replacements free from C-T scans and Rush Foundation Hospital was the first in the state to use such technology.

“You can actually mark the knee at the time of surgery, now when I mark it I can see exactly what the knee looks like and it helps me select the component that I need and the type of component and I can actually go in with a special device after I designed it, which actually helps me bur the area out and put the implant in, so we get a precise application of the implant,” explained Dr. Sonny Rush, an Orthopaedic Surgeon at Rush Foundation Hospital.

Patient’s benefits from the Navio system partial knee replacements include smaller incisions, less scaring, and shorter hospital stay along with quicker recovery than previous surgeries.