Kemper County Miracle Baby

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A six month old who survived Friday's storm with her family a little worse for wear - but, alive. It's something Kenzie Chisolm's family is calling nothing short of the Grace of God.

Wendy Chisolm says the sound of her baby crying is this is the most beautiful sound in the world. Wendy and her husband Hugh were holding baby Kenzie at the foot of their bed when the entire family was sucked out of their Damascus home by Friday's storms.

They woke up just moments later 80 feet from the house with no baby.

"Wendy said, 'Kenzie's gone.' So I jumped up - started screaming, found her, in a mud hole - and I picked her up and she started crying," said Hugh.

Friends and family began clean-up on the property almost immediately so you can't quite see how bad the damage really was. The house is in shambles, completely destroyed by the storm even though the trees about the home seem untouched.

"You really think, well - the trailers rumpled over or something - the next day, I drove by there and it wasn't nothing by rubble and you're just amazed that God can put his hand on a child and sit her down in a mud hole - and, ah, everytime I look at her I'm just more amazed," said Kenzie's Grandpa, Ted George.

Both Wendy and Kenzie had a few bumps and bruises. Hugh had to stay in the hospital with an injury to his back, but they say it could have been so much worse.

"So, we're all looking at this and have no complaints - we're just so thankful, that they're alive - and, ah, we're blessed," said Kenzie's Grandma, Mary Chisolm.

"I thank God the whole way," said Hugh.

"Every time she'd quit crying I'd shake her and make her cry again," said Wendy.

And as if on cue Kenzie starts to cry and the whole room breaks into laughter.

And this story has an even happier ending - Hugh is now out of the hospital and the whole family is recovering together...