Suspect Killed in Attempted Robbery

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A fatal shooting occurred Tuesday morning at Yantley Mini Mart, 2410 Highway 10, in Choctaw County, Ala.

According to authorities, a suspect attempted to rob the operator of the store around 5:20 a.m.

Choctaw County Sheriff James Lovette said the 19-year-old suspect told the owner of the store to "put your hands up, this is a robbery".

Lovette said the owner retrieved his pistol and shots were fired by both him and the suspect.

The alleged robber died instantly. The owner was not harmed. At this time Sheriff Lovette says his office will not pursue charges against the owner of the store.

"We will present the case to the grand jury," said Lovette. "We will let the grand jury decide. He has not been charged and he will not be charged unless the grand jury indicts him."

Investigators are conducting some questioning to find out if anyone else was involved with the attempted robbery.

The name of the robbery suspect was not immediately released pending notification of his family, but the man is from the local area.

"It is tragic that a young man like this, his life was taken," said Lovette. "But I feel like owners have a right to defend their businesses and homes."