70 Year Old Woman Finishes Her First Marathon

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Meridian, Miss. Hundreds turned out for the second annual "Leo Run to Remember." For many of the participants, it was their first time running a marathon including Meridian native, Margaret Little. Little is 70 years old, and has been training with 'Divas on the Run' to get ready for the Leo run. She says she has run a few half marathons and decided it was time to move up to the full 26-mile run. "It was exciting," said LIttle. "This was my first marathon. I have done a couple of half marathons and I thought the natural progression would be to do the full marathon. And what a time to do it since it was right here in Meridian, at home. So I decided to go for it. I would like to say, there's nothing to it but to do it. You just have to decide this is what I want and go for it."

Despite her age, she says she feels fine now. She says the run didn't really take a toll on her. She even says this wont be her last marathon.
"Today, I feel fine," Little explained. "Saturday after the race, I thought 'Once is enough!' But after I had time to talk to my friends and family, and get a bite to eat and after the presentation I thought 'You know. I might do that again.' I'd love to travel to some of the other nearby marathons, I will look for one with not so many hills, Meridian has the hills."

Little was very happy to meet her goal of finishing in under six hours, by finishing in five hours , 40 minutes.