Democratic Rally

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Although overcast skies, the spirits of those at the rally were shining bright. Throughout the day there was entertainment and special guests, including state Rep. Eric Fleming who represents Hinds and Madison counties.

"We have a fight in this election," says Fleming. "We can't let the polls tell folks that Bush has gotten this thing wrapped up. We can't afford to do this when we know that in about two weeks about 65,000 Mississippians are going to be kicked off Medicaid.

Although Mississippi is traditionally know as a GOP state, Fleming told onlookers that some things can be done to ensure a Democratic victory in November.

"In order to elect John Kerry, we've got to campaign like the apostles now. We've got to be bold! We've got to be loud! We've got to be proud of who we area as Democrats in this state and do what we can to get our neighbors to support the Kerry/Edwards ticket.

Saturday's event also served as a fundraiser for the local Democratic Party.