Weidmann's Opens Again

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From the outside, Weidmann's looks about the same. But inside the atmosphere is alive. Many enjoying this first lunch say they have been hoping for this day.

"The atmosphere is much better. The food is excellent. A lot of the old Weidmann's people are here," said Meridian resident Dick Simmons. "James, who a lot of people know, is back there cooking and service is just tremendous."

James Watson worked at the old Weidmann's for over 20 years and says he's glad to be back home.

"They were looking for originality and I needed a job, plain and simple," Watson said.

But it's not just original staff like James and Pamela that new owner Charles Frazier has brought back. He has touched up the atmosphere by adding
hardwood floors, knocking out the back wall to create the lunch counter and putting back peanut butter jars that patrons liked. However the new ones are changed with every table.

And then there's the menu, which wouldn't be compete without homemade black bottom pie.

"The menu has gone back to a lot of the old Weidmann's," said Frazier. "We've have veggie plates, shrimp remoulade, sandwiches, salads, lots of good fresh items. Price points are a lot of accessible and that is what we are tying to do. Welcome them back in and show them they can afford to eat here several times a week."

The restaurant will be open for lunch-only this week, and next week will also be open for supper.

And just like in the old days at Weidmann's, if you clean your plate, you can pick a piece of candy from the treasure chest, a gift to Frazier from the mayor.