A Man is Recovering After Being Shot

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department had officers respond to a local hospital after a man came in with a gunshot wound. Detective Dareall Thompson says the man was shot after meeting with people he knew in a parking lot and giving them a ride.

“He met the suspects at a local business here, inside the city. He drove them around the city and at that time they got into a disagreement,” Detective Dareall Thompson says.

Police say the victim drove the two suspects to a nearby apartment complex. During that drive the argument became even more heated. While they were all sitting in the car, Detective Thompson says one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and shot the victim in the right hand. The suspects jumped out of the vehicle and ran down the street.

“Once the victim and the other person in the vehicle realized the victim had been shot, his friend drove him to a local hospital where he got treatment for the gunshot wound,” Thompson says.

Thompson says the victim does know the suspect’s names and is cooperating with police. Anytime a shooting like this happens, detective Thompson says sometimes police wouldn’t know about it if the hospital didn’t report it. He says it’s hard to investigate shootings like this because all they have is the victim’s word to go on and don’t always know the exact location the crime happened.

“It can be difficult, because a lot of times where the crime occurred there might be some type of evidence that detectives need to collect,” Thompson says.