Act of Kindness Fuels Pay It Forward Day

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What if tomorrow you did a random act of kindness for a complete stranger, expecting nothing in return? A Meridian radio station has proposed just that.

Candace Lanier and her colleagues at The Radio People dubbed Dec. 20 Pay It Forward Friday, a day where everyone is encouraged to do nice things for total strangers for the simple joy of making someone's day brighter.

"We're going to encourage everyone to pay it forward in some small way, a big way, or however you felt lead to do," said Lanier. "Buy someone's breakfast; buy someone's lunch, a coffee, anything to get the Christmas spirit going. That's what we're encouraging people to do."

The concept has been proposed previously. A movie has even been made about it. So how did the idea get reborn l

"Someone actually bought my breakfast for me last week in the drive-thru. Completely random," said Lanier. "It was one of those mornings where I was having a bad day. I was running late for work. You know nothing seemed to be going right and it just lifted my spirits. So I came in and I was telling Scott (Stevens) and Ken (Stokes) on the morning show about it. And I just thought how cool would it be if we had a whole day devoted to encouraging people to do nice things like that?"

Lanier isn't the only one who thinks it's a good idea. Stevens says, why stop at just one day?

"I think it's an awesome idea," Stevens said. "Unfortunately, you know, we do great things for people during the holidays, but it's one of those things we really need to continue throughout the entire year. If everyone just did something nice for someone every day of the year, maybe there would be a lot more happier spirits throughout the entire year. So it's great that we're doing a 'pay it forward Friday' and all we're asking is that you do something nice for somebody on Friday."

Click the link to visit the Pay It Forward Facebook page.