Alabama Marriage License Vote

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Alabama A proposal to get the state of Alabama out of the marriage business has failed within the state legislature. The Alabama House has not approved a proposal that was previously given the green light by the state senate. The bill would have done away with state issued marriage licenses. Wednesday's vote in the Alabama House was 53 to 36 in favor of the measure. However, two-third's approval was needed in that chamber for the bill to pass. That approval rating was needed because the item was not on Governor Robert Bentley's agenda for the special session.

If the measure would have passed it would have virtually taken the state of Alabama out of the marriage business. Instead, it would have required couples to take a signed marriage contract and file it with the probate office.

Supporters of the bill say it would have prevented probate judges, who oppose same-sex marriage, from having to sign licenses for gay couples.

This bill was introduced on the same day that a county clerk in Kentucky was released from jail after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples for religious reasons.

There are currently a few counties in Alabama that have stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether rather than issue them to same sex couples. In our area, Choctaw County, in West Alabama is one of the counties that no longer issues marriage licenses to anyone.