Armed Victim Thwarts Attackers

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Meridian, Miss. It's not often a victim sends his attackers off running, but that's exactly what happened at this motel Wednesday morning. Meridian police say they got the call that someone had been shot at the Super Inn about two in the morning.

"Once they arrived on scene, they did discover that a male subject had been shot in the arm," Det. Dareall Thompson says.

Police say two men with their faces covered forced their way into the victim's room. During the scuffle, the victim was shot in the arm.

An employee says he doesn't know much about what happened, just that people were fighting. And it happened all the way in the back of the hotel in room 509.

Whether they were after money, or something else, investigators are still trying to find out. Either way, police say they weren't able to leave with anything. That's because the men were apparently not expecting their victim to be armed, as well.

"The victim, luckily he had protection. He had his firearm," Det. Thompson says. "Once they realized he was about to reach for his gun, they fled the scene. "

Detectives are talking to the victim now to learn more about what happened. Police say he is being cooperative, and they hope to track down his two attackers as soon as possible.

"Based on the interview with the victim, we're hopeful that we'll have this case wrapped up pretty soon," Det. Thompson says.

The victim has since been released from the hospital. The MPD says his cooperation is helping them to move the case along quickly.