Below Normal Temperatures Continue

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Meridian, Miss. Temperatures Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning are likely to drop into the teens again. That will once again leave many people in our area vulnerable to the cold.

During this ongoing cold spell, Life Church in Meridian has been hosting all-night prayer meetings and left its doors open for those in the community needing to get in out of the cold.

The church is calling the service Fire by Night and participation has grown each night. The church has heaters, blankets, clothes, food, and loving hearts for anyone in need.

"We have had a tremendous support from the community," said Pastor Gary Morris. "All kinds of donations of bedding, clothing, food, water. It has been a great outpouring of support from the entire community, from churches, businesses, individuals, that has gone very well. The homeless population that has been coming in; we have had quite a few that have come in. Many have been sleeping in our sanctuary, and sleeping around on couches, just coming in to stay warm."

Morris says the church was originally planning to end the service Wednesday morning. But with the resources that have been donated and conditions still very cold, Life Church will continue Fire by Night until Thursday morning.

Life Church is one of three places where people who need shelter from the cold weather may stay. The other two places are the city's regular homeless shelters, one for men operated by The Salvation Army on B Street and MCCSA's South Harbor Shelter, which accommodates families, located on St. Paul Street.