Black Lives Matter Rally For Johnathan Sanders

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Stonewall, Mississippi A group of people gathered in the name of a man who was killed in a physical altercation by a police officer in July. Following the incident James Hand has been organizing black lives matter rallies since Johnathan Sanders died. The black lives matter movement has swept across the nation in the wake of police brutality against African-American's.

Sanders died when an officer pursued him while he was riding his horse. Hand said, "It didn’t have to go down like that". Which left Hand to question the encounter between Sanders and officer Kevin Harrington.

"He followed him a mile way in the dark and stopped him. Why didn’t he stop him right out here? Why did he have to follow him down to the dark? He was on a horse. It’s not like you couldn't catch him," said Hand.

The death of Sanders is still under investigation. The Stonewall police department has turned the case over to the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation.

Ameily Hahn is a protester who drove from Jackson to honor the memory of Sanders.

“There is a family with no answers. There is a city in danger while a murdering cop is walking the streets. There is a state in turmoil because of the notion that black lives don’t matter and black lives most definitely matter. Right here in the state of Mississippi and it’s time that people stand up and speak out,” said Hahn.

Those who showed up said they will continue to protest until they get answers. Meanwhile Hands encouraged everyone to become a registered voter and take action at the ballot.

"I am a registered voter. They need to come out and vote in numbers. They can change things with a vote," said Hand.