Blood Drive Begins

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People were coming and going from United Blood Services' facility on Bonita Lakes Circle to help kickoff their latest blood drive. This drive coincides with the premiere of the latest Twilight Movie, and the first 22 donors this afternoon received a free movie ticket. Donald Clark with United Blood Services says that the timing couldn't have been better.

"Usually during the Thanksgiving holiday we always have a blood shortage, so that's the main reason we're having a blood drive."

Accidents tend to increase around the holidays, so United Blood Services is pleading for any and everyone to come donate, especially one certain group.

"We need every blood type, absolutely anybody that is O-, because that is a blanket donation, they can give it to anyone."

Some donors felt that it's their duty to give blood to those in need.

Blood donor Stanley Seibel says that, "For me, I feel that it's a good way for me to give back to society and to help so many people that need blood for health reasons and in hospitals."

"It's important for cancer patients and those going through chemotherapy to give them platelets," said James Stringfellow, who also gave blood today.

Every blood donation is estimated to save about three lives.