Business Executive Denies 'Scam'

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A number of Meridian businesses have claimed that they were scammed by a credit card processing company. But the president of that company denies the allegation.

Cliff Torrence says he founded Retriever National Processing Corporation of Jackson more than ten years ago. He denies all claims of fraud.

"I don't know how they can claim that," said Torrence.

The owners of Voila Salon and the Sewing and Vacuum Center claim that Torrence's company did not make good on a promise to lower their credit card processing fees.

Workers at the salon say their fees have almost tripled.

Torrence says this is not true, and that fees for stylists at the salon and the Sewing and Vacuum Center range between $30 to roughly $50 a month. He says the only extra costs for the businesses has been the annual membership fee that his company collects for the nation's top credit card companies, which is $109.

"Even with the annual fee, which could be the highest bill they would receive for the entire year, it was only $224," said Torrence.

When it comes to fees, Torrence says all business owners are made aware of the charges.

"All of our fees are already hard coded into the application," Torrence said.

Since the first report, the owner of the Sewing and Vacuum Center says Torrence's company has agreed to let her out of her contract. However, she still stands by her claim that this was all a scam.

"What they do is tell you one thing and do another," said Allison Slayton, owner of Sewing and Vacuum Center.

"If someone contacts me and says, 'I'm not happy with these rates', I have controls in my business and we'll take care of them," said Torrence. "We will work with people."

Retriever of Jackson was founded ten years ago.