Cefco Employees Arrested for Robbing Their Own Store

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department says a robbery that took place at the Cefco on North Hills Street Friday was an inside job. The store manager, Tarsha Hines is charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery. A store clerk, Kevorkian Grace, has been charged with armed robbery.

“The store that was robbed was the store Hines and Grace worked at. It’s probably just more of an opportunity for them and thinking they could get away with it,” Lieutenant John Griffith says.

At the time of the robbery it was reported there were two employees inside; one manager and one clerk. Police say the manager was in the store counting money during a routine shift change. The clerk that was working knew nothing of the planned robbery according to investigators.

“With both of them being employees that was probably the optimal time for them to plan on robbing the store so they would have the most access to the money,” Griffith says.

The weapon used was a knife and demanded money. The suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of money. Griffith says inside jobs happen, but not all too often.

“We probably see it more than what we realize. A lot of the time we don’t actually get the pieces back to figure out it was an inside job,” Griffith explains. “There’s cases to where we suspect it’s an inside job, but we just can’t develop anything to prove it’s an inside job.

With the robbery Friday morning responding police along with detectives were able to determine this was not an ordinary robbery and were able to solve the case in just a few days.

“In this case, things were just coming together the right way at the right time,” Griffith says. “The detectives being there and being so diligent is the reason it moved so fast.”