Chief-Elect Speaks Following Win

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Phyllis Anderson will be the next Chief of the Mississippi Choctaw, after winning a solid ten point victory over incumbent Beasley Denson.

Anderson will become the third Chief in five years for the tribe, and the first female to hold the position in it's history. Denson called to concede the race to Anderson Wednesday.

"With Mr. Denson calling me and congratulating me I can send that message onto the people," said Anderson.

The Chief-elect says one of her first orders of business will be reuniting the tribe, which she says was ripped apart during Denson's four years.

"My administration will provide leadership, but also compassion that has been lacking in our current administration," said Anderson.

"I believe that knowing that we will have an open and transparent government [the Choctaw people] can come to us and their voices will be heard."

Anderson will officially be sworn into office Tuesday, July 12th during the tribal council meeting. It begins at 9:00 AM.