City Council Candidates Making Final Push

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Meridian, Mississippi Two longtime Meridian City Council members have already been ousted from their seats during the primary election season and now, another longtime city councilman will be fighting to keep his seat in the general election.

Ward One City Councilman George Thomas has served on the Meridian City Council since 1985. That's one term longer than Ward Three City Councilwoman Barbara Henson, who is running unopposed in the general election. Thomas is facing Democrat Martin Jack. Thomas says he is satisfied with the status of Ward One while Jack says he is not.

"Because of the annexed area," Jack explains. "People of Ward One, citizens, taxpayers of Ward One, deserve more in Ward One. When we annexed that area a long time ago, we had citizens become citizens of Meridian that did not want to become citizens of Meridian."

"We put in a new fire station out in that area, increased police protection," Thomas points out. "Business in Ward One is good. If you drive down North Hills Street, you go out to Hardee's, that area. So those things are good, but there are a lot of other things we need to do."

The Ward Four City Council race has already been in the spotlight. Just last week, incumbent Jesse Palmer, Sr. lost to Democrat Kim Houston in the runoff election. Now, Houston is facing Independent Thomas Hopson in the general election. Houston and Hopson both agree that Ward Four needs some attention.

"Low income housing over in that area and a lot of young people," Hopson says. "You know, they are in and out, and up and down the streets, and needing something to do. So, I would like to see programs implemented."

"It has many needs," Houston says about Ward Four. "There are a lot of ditches that need to be cleaned out cause we've gotten several complaints about that. And another thing that we've come across on this trail is that people are wanting sidewalks."

The Ward Two City Council race is already decided with Kenneth Dustin Markham taking that seat. In Ward Five, Republican Randy Hammon will face Democrat John C. Harris.