Flood Watch Preparation In Clarke County

Clarke, County Many counties in East Mississippi and Alabama are now under flood watches or warnings for anticipated rain fall and Clarke County is preparing for possible flooding later this week.

Emergency management crews are watching the area for expected rain fall. They are using maps, radio scanners, and cation signs to track area that will see an abundance of rain fall. They paying close attention bodies of waters like the Chickasawhay River, in addition to low lands.

The Director of Emergency Management, Eddie Ivy says he is working with the National Weather Service and has local safety agencies on standby. He says once the rain has cleared there are other potential threats.

“What we’ve got is more of the long term flooding. Where roads are blocked for a week at a time and we can’t get to certain houses. Our flash flooding is usually going to go down in a couple of hours,” said Ivy.

He says emergency crews are prepared to block areas effected by floods with caution signs. He also says, if drivers see a road way that is blocked and surrounded by water, he says turn around.

If drivers don’t take heed to caution signs, they be issued a citation if emergency crews have to issue a rescue. Ivy says some dangerous situations can be avoided by following instruction.