College Students Work during Spring Break

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Students from Suffolk University in Boston are making a big difference in Meridian this week.

A group of about fourteen are here assisting elderly and disabled residents and veterans to do minor repair on older homes, in conjunction with Lauderdale County Habitat for Humanity and the A Brush with Kindness program.

Colleges from all over the United States play a big role in helping Habitat. Just this month, students from seven universities will lend a hand locally.

"This is our month that we do our Spring Break Collegiate Challenge from colleges all over the United States," said Rush. "(Students) come down and work with us. And this month we have seven universities that are even driving down or flying to Meridian to work with Habitat. "

"I have had the opportunity to attend one last year," said Venice Henderson. "And it has always been life changing. Even this last two days have been pretty amazing. I've learned that I am the hands and feet of Christ and it's up to me to recognize the situation and do what I can to make a change."

"It's just so nice to see the difference that you are making in someone's life," said Marina Silva.

Students say they're also learning a little bit about southern hospitality while they're here.

"I love Meridian so far," said Tyler Burke. "The southerners are so nice. It's so nice being down here. I love the food that we tried and I love just driving down the street and waving at people and everyone we've been meeting."

"We send twelve groups of students all over the country to do community service and Meridian is one of the places that we have gone to for a couple of years now," said Dennis Harkins.

"It's a great opportunity as a facilitator to watch my students, to really give back and make the most of their spring break and really see how other people live and just try to share all the great things they have," said facilitator Peter Palumbo.

The students say they just want to make a difference for people in Meridian who are in need of some help.