Community Garden Breaks Ground

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The Go Green, Go Local, Go Meridian initiative broke ground with a new teaching tool.

The Love and Peas Community Garden was set up as a way to let any volunteers who want to participate learn about growing foods in a garden. The organization is a local chapter of Gaining Ground, the Sustainability Institute of Mississippi. Anyone can volunteer his or her time for the garden, and the volunteers said so far they've seen tremendous support.

"We started this organization really in February, and we have 61 members," said volunteer Theresa Luke. "Just the level of support - I think we've had about 40 volunteers today - has been amazing. So I really do think the community is ready for this and wants to see this happen. "

All the products and materials used in setting up the garden were donated to their chapter. When harvest season arrives, they'll divide the food amongst the volunteers and then donate the rest to charity.