Council Sticks with Ban

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The Meridian City Council Tuesday voted not to rescind a ban on fortune telling that it approved several weeks ago.

The council did so, despite an opinion from its own attorney that the ban is unconstitutional. The vote was 4-1 in favor of keeping the ban.

Council member, Dr. George Thomas of Ward 1, who was the only person to vote in favor of allowing fortune tellers, says it's a matter of preventing a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Ward 2's Mary Perry, who voted to keep them out of the city, says she voted based on her religious beliefs.

"I read my Bible, too, and it talks about fortune telling and so forth," said Perry. "Everyone has their own opinion and can do what they want but I try to follow what is legal and within my heart, and after praying about something. I kind of go with that."

Fortune telling establishment have been banned in the city for decades. This issue only came up now because a person was interested in opening such a business inside the city.