Missing group found safe after floating Chunky River

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CHUNKY, Miss. - (WTOK) Four people, two adults and two children, are safe after being reported missing Sunday afternoon after floating along the Chunky River.

Lauderdale County Emergency Management Director Scott Spears says four people have all been located and are safe. Spears says the group had gotten on to the river about 11 o'clock Sunday morning at the Chunky Shoals Fish Camp. A search and rescue operation was set up at several points along the river.

The four were found walking on County Road 370 in Clarke County, according to Clarke County Emergency Management Director Eddie Ivy. County Road 370 is not far from the river.

"We are extremely proud that we do not have to do a land search, especially at this time of night and this time of year. We've got a lot of critters running around the woods - alligators, snakes," said Scott Spears, director of Lauderdale County's Emergency Management Agency.

"We've got all that you would have to deal with whether you did a search at night or in the day time. Of course, a night search is much more dangerous. We're just very relieved that they've been found and this is closed and everybody is okay," said Spears.

Spears says the group had tried a couple of times during the day to get off the river, but were unsuccessful. None of the people were injured.