Delta's Last Day in Meridian

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The Delta sign is off the wall at the ticket counter, and the Silver Airways plane has arrived. Delta's last flight left Meridian this afternoon, and many of the passengers who fly into and out of the Queen City say Delta tickets are expensive and they welcome the change.

"Sounds like a good deal though because the Delta tickets are a lot more expensive than what I understand Silver's are," said frequent flier Willis O'Berry.

Passenger Gloria Brereton say that, "I'm just glad that the fares are going to be cheaper. That's the key. Maybe I can get more of my family to fly into Meridian."

Jim Barrett says he'll fly to West Palm Beach more often now that it's cheaper. "It's a six hour flight with layovers and it's a 12 hour drive. If the prices are that much lower and the price of gas keeps going up, we will definitely fly more now that it's cheaper."

Two Silver planes sat on the runway early this afternoon, one of them preparing for the early flight out tomorrow, and the other was waiting for bad weather to clear up so it could continue its trip to Greenville, where Silver will also begin service tomorrow.

Michael Walsh, Director of Training for Silver Airways says that, "We brought in a few extra crew members today. We actually have a crew based here, so we have an overnight aircraft that comes here every night. It will overnight here, and our crew will get onto the flight about 5:30 in the morning.

One of the biggest concerns for passengers has been worries that they will have to leave the terminal to retrieve their checked bags, then check in with the airline for the next leg of their trip and go through security again in Atlanta, but Silver Airways says that isn't the case.

"We do have interline agreements with all the other airlines at the Atlanta airport, so we will be able to check your bag to your final destination."

Silver's first flight leaves Meridian tomorrow morning at 5:30.