Elementary Students Get Classic Book

Third grade students at Oakland Heights Elementary School have the chance to read the classic book, 'Charlotte's Web', on their own, thanks to a $300 grant from First Book.

Study Buddy helped obtain the grant, and also helps students who may be struggling.

"Study Buddy is a one-hour per week tutoring and mentoring program, where we recruit volunteers to go into the schools to help children who are either struggling or who just need somebody there to reinforce their studying skills," said Teresa Hodges, executive director of Study Buddy.

Reading is a skill everyone needs to have. Study Buddy wants students to be able to succeed, with help from the community.

"Reading is for every subject. It's not just English," said Hodges. "It's in math; it's in science. So we just want to help our schools, and this is a great way to get our community involved."

Study Buddy is currently only in the Meridian Public School District, but works with businesses to allow their employees to have an hour a week to be with the students.

While Study Buddy helped in getting the grant, the teachers at Oakland Heights decided what book they would give to the students.

The students enjoyed not only receiving the book, but also putting their name in it. This is just the first step in making these students lifelong readers.

"Having your own book, beginning your own library, you know, it makes them feel big, and it's theirs," said principal Rosalind Operton. "And if it's yours, you take better care of it. They're going to start their own library at home. This is the challenge that I gave them, start your own library. This is book one. We're going to get as many books as we can from as many grants as we can get to be sure they get books in their hand."

If you would like more information or want to participate with Study Buddy, you may find more details by clicking the link below this story to visit the website. There is an application form available. Background checks are required for all adults who participate.