FedEx Truck Fire Shuts Down Interstate 20

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Scott County, Miss. Parts of Interstate 20 are back in operation after a hazardous fire shut down 12 miles of interstate between exit 88 in Forest to exit 100 in Lake.

The cause?

A FedEx dual trailer truck caught on fire. Sergeant Andy West of The Mississippi Highway Patrol had this to say.

"He was actually pulling double trailers and he noticed that he had a fire on his second trailer," West said. "He pulled to the shoulder and was able to detach one trailer and ultimately saved a lot of property as well as his own life."

West said when law enforcement arrived on scene, they decided to let the fire burn out on the trailer due to it being a chemical called Hydrazine, which is used for rocket fuel.

Now multiple agencies worked diligently through the night to open Interstate 20 back up.

West says that both eastbound and westbound traffic on that 12 mile stretch was detoured to Highway 80. This influx on traffic through Lake and Forest created other problems. Through the night Monday night, portions of Highway 80 were at a standstill traffic due to an 18 wheeler that had wrecked.

Tuesday morning, officials deemed it safe to open Interstate 20 Westbound and are still assessing air quality and the surrounding environment before opening the right lane of I-20 Eastbound.