First Baby of 2013

5:06am. That is the time Kelly and Leah Jimmerson welcomed their first child, Kennedi Reese, into the world, and also the time Rush Foundation Hospital welcomed the first baby born in Meridian in 2013. The Jimmersons live in Stonewall, and the proud new dad works for the Enterprise School District. They were the first ones into the Rush Family Birth Center as the ball dropped.

"Let's get everything and get going as fast as you can. You drop everything. Don't know if half the stuff at the house is cut off or not, we just took off," says new dad Kelly Jimmerson.

New mom Leah Jimmerson explains, "I didn't think it was labor whenever it started, so I sat at home for four hours, which I should have come up here, but it was miserable there for a while but it was all worth it."

The Jimmersons are big Alabama fans, and with the projected due date of January 12, dad was especially fearful Kennedi would arrive during the game. Now, though, there is a new fan to cheer on the Tide.

"We got some Alabama clothes we can dress her up in, support Alabama. I was worried about that, how he would react if I went into labor during an Alabama ballgame," says Leah.

Both parents didn't really process they had the first baby of 2013 until well after the delivery. They were instead focused on their new baby girl.

"It feels great!" Leah exclaims. "I'm glad she's here. I'm glad that she's healthy. God couldn't have blessed us with a better baby. We're overjoyed."

"It's special," says Kelly. "You get to hold something you created, and it's a special feeling."

For baby number two, the Jimmersons hope to have a summer baby and avoid football and deer hunting seasons altogether.