Food Court Wars Winners Close to Opening

Meridian, Miss. The winners of the episode of the Food Network show, Food Court Wars, that was shot in Meridian are getting closer to opening in Bonita Lakes Mall.

Mary Jo's Hot Tamales won a space at the mall rent-free for one year.

The owners have been busy getting things ready for the grand opening. They are hoping to open the restaurant sometime this weekend.

Mary and Thomas Jordan say it has been quite the journey getting here to Meridian.

"I had no idea, this is a total shock. We had no idea we would be here today, so that's why I always tell my wife, you know where you've been, but you don't know where you're going," said Thomas Jordan.

"Absolutely, we're thrilled and excited and we look forward to our new life here in Meridian," said Mary Jordan.

The Jordans said once they get the store opened, they will look forward to getting some rest.