Fred's Pharmacy in DeKalb Burglarized

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DeKalb, Miss. Fred's Pharmacy in DeKalb is recovering following an early morning burglary. At least two suspects are on the loose. Chief of Police Steven Jackson says officers responded to a burglary alarm at Fred's shortly after 3 a.m. Friday.

"They gained entry through the pharmacy and for right now as best as we can tell, they stole an undisclosed amount of items out of the pharmacy," Chief Jackson stated.

Chief Jackson says Fred's Pharmacy is doing an inventory to find out exactly what was stolen, but pharmacists do know that scheduled and controlled substance drugs were taken.

"We do have video that discloses two suspects entering the rear of the pharmacy," Chief Jackson said. "You can clearly see that they are taking a lot of items out of the pharmacy. These subjects were wearing all black and had ski masks on."

According to DeKalb Police, there has been an increasing drug problem in the area and they believe these drugs were stolen for personal usage as well as to sell on the street.

"We don't want the public to feel any stress or anxiety for what has happened today," stated Chief Jackson. "We feel assured that we'll make some arrests in the coming days."

Chief Jackson says that while the case is still under investigation, Fred's Pharmacy will still be open to take certain prescriptions for drugs that aren't part of the investigation.