Grandmother Charged With Kidnapping

Lauderdale County authorities say Debra Boyd is charged with kidnapping her grandson, 11-year-old Tyreon Brim. Authorities are still searching for the two men who actually did the kidnapping.

Eleven-year-old Tyreon Brim is back home now after authorities say he was kidnapped Wednesday morning. The kidnapping was a violent one; two black males took the boy from a residence on Poplar Springs Drive after striking a man babysitting at the home in the head with a weapon, holding him at gunpoint, and an attempted robbery. Investigators think that the boy's paternal grandmother, Debra Boyd, might have hired these men to bring her grandson to her.

"Debra Boyd is currently being held there in their jail awaiting extradition where she is being charged with the crime of kidnapping," Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says. "The investigation is ongoing at this time, and I'm sure will be for several day."

Boyd posted to her Facebook one day before the boy was taken that her grandson was kidnapped last Saturday in Mississippi. Chief Deputy Calhoun says Brim's mother and paternal grandmother have a history of arguments over who should care for the child.

"Previously, there have been instances of this child being taken," he says. "When I say taken, I should say being cared for by the grandmother and the mother. There have been some disputes between those two. That is what I believe led to the instance a couple nights ago. However, the mother does have legal custody of the child."

The Sheriff's Department's decision not to issue an amber alert was a strategic one.

"In order to not impede our investigation, a decision was made to not do any type of media release or news information because we did not want those individuals in Louisiana to be tipped of the fact that we were working with this," Calhoun says.

Investigators are still working to determine the identity of the two men, so they can also be charged.