Historic Threefoot Building Celebrates 84 Years

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Meridian, Miss. As you drive through Meridian, you can't help but notice the beauty of one of its most historic and tallest buildings. The Threefoot Building, which opened in 1930 has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout it's 84 year history, but today hundreds of people from all over the community gathered on the first floor of the building to celebrate it's birthday. Among many in attendance were members of the Threefoot Family who came together to celebrate this iconic moment.

"It is a special thrill for me to come back and especially to see the people and how interested they are in the revival of this building, which is unique in itself," said Dr. Henry Threefoot. "I don't think I've see one prettier anywhere."

Dr. Threefoot was on hand to cut the birthday cake among the many who were in attendance. With plenty of cake and ice cream to eat, as well as live music, people were able to step back in time and walk through renovated rooms hung with artwork painted by Artist Julie Lee.

"The one thing is, we can't really see the rest of the rooms upstairs, but this just gives a feel and a purpose for this building I think," said Lee.

The Threefoot Preservation Society have worked countless hours since August to get the building ready for it's 84th birthday and is pleased with the outcome.

"I am elated, I mean you cannot believe how happy we are about the turnout here," said Society Chairman Elliott Smith. "We have worked all of these months since August towards a goal of being able to invite people in. So we have in essence completed one of our major goals as our organization."

With high hopes, the society is still working on getting developers into the building.