Hundreds Attend Jonathan Sanders Funeral

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Quitman, Miss. There was standing room only for the hundreds who were in attendance at Jonathan Sanders' funeral. Sanders died on July 8th after an interaction with a Stonewall Police Officer that lead to his death.

It was a moment of mourning, yet celebration, as the crowd sang "Break Every Chain" in unison, which was followed by countless stories of who Sanders was.

"My uncle loved everyone," Sanders nephew stated. "Most of his life was made up of him loving others. That shows how unselfish he was."

Not a dry eye in the house, out of the hundreds who filled the Family Life Center Church in Quitman. It was all about remembering the life of Sanders.

"When I came here, the family wasn't even here and tears were rolling down my eyes," one family friend stated. "I was like why am I crying? When you have a heart, this right here hurts you, you don't have to be family."

Line after line of encouragement was spoken of family and friends, of just what Sanders meant to them and his impact on the world.

"Frances, I don't know what you're feeling cuz," said one family member. "I can't imagine what you're feeling, but I do know this, God doesn't make any mistakes. I ask and I trust and I believe, you hold on, even his sister, to God's unchanging hand."

Family Attorney Chokwe Antar Lumumba spoke a few words of encouragement to the crowd and a heartbroken family.

"We're all the Lord's vehicles, so we can't get mad at Him when He calls home what is rightfully His," said Lumumba. "What we have to do is thank Him. Thank Him and praise Him for giving us Jonathan in the first place."

It was a time of reflection, mourning, and celebration, as the hundreds in attendance said goodbye to a friend one last time.

"This is not just about being black or white," Sanders' pastor said. "This is not just about being rich or being poor. The picture is a lot bigger than that. This is not just about a flag hanging on the pool. I need you to understand that this is a whole lot bigger."

"Today Mrs. Frances, your healing starts, but for us today justice begins," a family friend said.

Justice that those who were in attendance say they will fight for, from here on out.

The service closed with a viewing of Sanders' body as the song "See You Again" echoed from the sound system and the sounds of the families mourning could be heard.

Sunday evening, a press conference, memorial, and rally for justice will be held in Stonewall. The event starts at 5.