Jeremy Sande Pursuing Acting Dream

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Meridian, Miss. A Meridian man is pursuing his acting dreams professionally while based at home.

Jeremy Sande has taken his years of training with Meridian Little Theatre to land parts on hit primetime television shows, as well as the big screen.

His most recent part is a speaking role on ABC's Nashville. He plays Steve, a starstruck fan in the bar taking pictures and getting an autograph from Scarlett, portrayed by actress Claire Bowen.

This summer, Sande traveled to Nashville, where the highly-rated drama is produced. He says the experience was unforgettable.

"It was this one little bit part, but it was awesome for me," said Sande. "The whole experience. They put me up in a trailer, and everybody was just nice as can be. The writer came up and told me, she was like, 'when I wrote this part, I envisioned this kind of creepy guy at the bar, but I like the way that you play it, as a genuine fan, who just kind of gets caught up in the moment'. She was like, when she signs an autograph, say 'To Steve'. And I said, I've got a name. I've got a name! I'm no longer 'male patron'. I'm like, yes, I'm moving up!"

The 32-year-old Sande keeps busy when he's not auditioning, working at meridian's Weidmann's. He has been professionally acting for about three years, but has been acting on the MLT stage since he was a teenager.

Sande has an agent in Jackson and says he's able to audition all over the southeast electronically and has landed roles on the big screen and in commercials. He says the hot places now to produce movies are all near home.

"Being in Meridian, it's blowing up in New Orleans and Atlanta," said Sande. "We get stuff in Memphis, Nashville, Wilmington. So it's like I'm right in the middle of everywhere that I need to be."

Sande has acted in movies such as Space Warriors and Hayride, earning the all important SAG card in Space Warriors.

"It was with Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Mira Sorvino. I played a Russian cosmonaut," said Sande. "Actually beat out a couple of Russians for the part."

Sande says he's currently auditioning for the movie Get On Up about singer James Brown. It will be shot in Natchez and Jackson starting next month. He says he's pursuing an acting dream career, all while enjoying living in his hometown.

If you missed the Oct. 16 episode of Nashville, you can watch it by clicking on Watch ABC TV at