Jashayla Hopson Found, Suspect Apprehended

A six year old East Kemper Elementary School student was found on a Lauderdale County road early Wednesday afternoon.

Jashayla Hopson was put out of a car on or near Burrage Road.

Officials say she is safe and was taken to Rush Hospital to be examined.

A resident told Newscenter 11 that the child, wet from the rain, knocked on her door. The resident immediately called authorities.

"This has never happened to me before," Michelle Bell said. "I've never found a missing person or a child."

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore said during Live at 5 that the alleged kidnapper was apprehended at her home in Northport, Ala.

"We continue to investigate," Moore said. "We know that there are more people involved. We're going to continue to work this and bring those people to justice and we'll go from there."

Moore would not discuss a motive but did say there is a connection between the suspect and and the child's family.