Lauderdale County Women Recall Chasing Burglars

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Lauderdale County, Miss.

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department is crediting a group of vigilant citizens for helping quickly catch five burglary suspects.

Renee Keith and Rita Watkins say they were standing in a driveway on Masonic Lodge Road on Tuesday evening when they heard some commotion through the woods at a nearby relative's house. The ladies tell Newscenter 11 they quickly hopped in a Jeep and drove up the street. That's when they say they spotted the five burglary suspects.

"And Renee was going to pull in and I told her, keep going," Watkins says. "And we turned around and came back and just sat in the highway and waited for them. About 20 minutes, the whole thing took place that we were dealing with this. And then when they came out the driveway, we pursued them up the road."

The women tell us at that point, they were able to get a license tag number and passed that on to deputies. In the meantime, sheriff's deputies were trying to catch up to the women as they were chasing the suspects.

"But we were angry too," Keith says. "You know, it's an invasion and people have to work. It takes two people to run a household. And it leaves your home very vulnerable to invasions. And I'm just glad we were here to help her."

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says once deputies got involved, some of the suspects started fleeing the vehicle during the course of the chase. In fact, one suspect actually took a deputy's cruiser and drove it for a short distance before being caught. At the end of the chase, three suspects were in custody and Calhoun says the other two were caught in the overnight hours riding these bicycles on Highway 19 North.

"You know, when you stop and look at the numbers, we only caught two," Calhoun explains. "The community caught three and that's the way it should be. They were those additional eyes and ears who called and in some cases, took action. While that can be dangerous at times, yesterday was a great example of a community who pulled together and said, we're going to end this. And we're going to catch these bad guys for law enforcement."

The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department says Jarado Allen and Ceasor Brooks are facing burglary charges. Paris Davis, Lamarcus Pollard, and Rodriguez Pollard are charged with burglary and other charges. All five suspects remain in custody at the Lauderdale County Detention Facility.

Jarado Allen