Local Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate Reaches Out To Congressmen

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Meridian, Miss. New guidelines were announced last month from the American Cancer Society which suggests that for most women less screening for breast cancer may be needed. The proposal was based on recommendations from the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force. Those recommendations state that women at average risk of breast cancer should start getting mammograms at age 45 instead of 40.

Local breast cancer awareness advocate, Shonda Sabari, recently returned from Washington where she met with members of Congress from Mississippi to ask them to support legislation that would delay the implementation of the recommendations.

"This would kind of like put a hold on the draft from the U.S.P.T.S.F. until everybody can kind of talk, the different organizations, and just come to an agreement," said Sabari.

While in Washington Sabari met with Congressman Roger Wicker, and representatives for other congressional leaders. If approved, the PALS Act will delay implementation of the recommendations by two years. Sabari says Congress is expected to vote on the measure before the end of this year.

Shonda Sabari is a breast cancer survivor, who was diagnosed five years ago at the age of 36. She's the founder of Bold and Breast Incorporated. Her recent trip to Washington was part of a partnership effort with the Tigerlily Foundation.