Local Woman One of 21 Cancer Survivors Celebrated in Atlanta

Union, Miss. A Union woman was one of 21 five-year cancer survivors honored recently at the "2013 Celebrate Life" in Atlanta sponsored by The Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Amanda Spence was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She says the survivors were cheered on as they walked the red carpet upon arrival. A tree was planted in her name and white doves were released for the survivors at the inspirational event. Spence told Newscenter 11 Wednesday at Antioch Baptist Church about her experience with others fighting against cancer.

"It was amazing to see so many others like myself go through this same battle and you find just such a common theme," said Spence. "You just find camaraderie with the people because they are going through what you are going through."

Spence credits her family and her church family for helping get through her fight against cancer with prayers and support.

Amanda Spence, 5-yr cancer survivor from Union
(Photo courtesy: Cancer Treatments Centers of America) Symbolizing hope and perseverance, this tree was planted as part of Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Celebrate Life 2013 at CTCA’s newest hospital just outside Atlanta. L-R: CTCA board chair-elect and Southeastern board member Annie Stephenson Holsonback; celebrant and survivor Amanda Spence, from Union, Miss.; CEO of CTCA at Southeastern Regional Medical Center Anne Meisner; and CTCA founder and Chairman Richard J Stephenson.
(Photo courtesy: Cancer Treatments Centers of America) Celebrants stand in front of the newly unveiled Tree of Life during Celebrate Life 2013 at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Southeastern Regional Medical Center just outside Atlanta. Similar tree sculptures decorate the lobbies of each of the five CTCA regional hospitals, with leaves bearing the names of cancer survivors. In this photo (from left): Julie Jester-Spielman, Gainesville, Ga.; Regina Johnson, Hays, N.C.; Alice Reaves, Beaufort, S.C.; Jan Pederson, Williamsburg, Va.; Oksana Parker, Atlanta, Ga.; Amanda Spence, Union, Miss.; Melanie Rowe, Moreland, Ga.; Ruth Gethers-Simil, Tyrone, Ga.; James Cordwell, Newnan, Ga.