MPC Continues Work at Lignite Plant

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Environmental organizations have asked regulators and the state Supreme Court to stop construction at
Mississippi Power Company's $2.7 billion coal power plant in Kemper County.

The groups filed a motion Thursday asking the court to finalize its March 15 ruling, which would officially revoke the approval for the Kemper coal plant.

Sierra Club director Louie Miller says state law prohibits construction of a power plant without the valid approval of the Public Service Commission.

The Supreme Court had ruled that the PSC failed to lay out clear reasoning for why it eased financial terms under which Mississippi Power could build the plant.

Earlier this week, the Sierra Club asked the Public Service Commission to convene a meeting to work out a plan for a safe and orderly shutdown of construction activities at the site.

MPC corporate spokeswoman Cindy Duvall says the company hopes the PSC will address the issue quickly.