MPSD Registration

Registration for the upcoming school year has started for the Meridian Public School District. Students are to register on the campus that they will attend. Registration at Meridian High is being divided by grades. It started today with seniors; tomorrow juniors will do the same. This will be followed by sophomores and freshmen on Wednesday and Thursday. New students at MHS are scheduled to register on Friday.

"It is important because the kids cannot come to school until they are registered, and we don't want any child missing a day of instruction," says MHS Principal Victor Hubbard. "We know that the first day of school is very critical for kindergarten through senior year."

In order to register a child parents must show proof of residency. Also, this year in-coming 7th graders must have a T-DAP vaccination before registering. Classes for the Meridian Public School District will start August 6th.