MSU Holds Fall Commencement

As the 110 graduates from 3 states walked across the stage of the MSU Riley Center, two of them shared a special bond. Natalie Welch married Anna's brother, and both of them received their Master of Business Administration degrees with a concentration in accounting. The two were able to grow closer because of what they shared in grad school.

Natalie Welch says, "It was amazing. I don't think that I would have been able to finish if I would have been without her cause we were able to relate to each other and struggle through our classes, so it helped out a lot. We had our ups and our downs, and we fought just like regular sisters, so it did definitely bring us closer."

Anna's experience in school prior to taking classes with her sister-in-law helped her enjoy the experience that much more.

"Well, I did that in Starkville with my undergrad, and it was a lot harder because you don't ever know if somebody's going to put in the same amount of work as you are if you do group projects, where, as you know, your sister-in-law is going to give everything she's got, and you can trust her, so it made it a lot easier to get through the whole experience," said Anna Welch.

Now that many of these graduates will enter the world, commencement speaker Beth Clay gave each graduate an autographed copy of the book "The Meaning of Life" to inspire them.

"And then on page 114. 'But best of all, by doing the things that makes your whiskers curl in life, assuming of course you have whiskers, you will inspire someone else to go after their dreams, and that my friends is how you change the world,'" the MSU alumnae and Jackson lobbyist told the crowd.

The three states represented by the graduates were Mississippi, Alabama, and Arizona.