Man Shot Without Realizing it at First

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Meridian, Miss. Officers responded to a local hospital after a man walked in that had been shot.

“The victim stated that he didn’t hear a shot, but he did hear a lot of commotion between a group of people. It was at that time he felt a sharp pain,” Det. Dare all Thompson says.

Thompson says the victim told police he was walking down the street when he noticed a sharp pain in his left hand. It wasn’t until he looked down and realized he was wounded.

“He didn’t realize he had been shot until he felt a sharp pain and noticed it appeared to be a gunshot wound,” Thompson says.

The victim walked from the 2700 block of 17th Street to the hospital where doctors reported the gunshot wound to police. The Meridian Police Department also says the victim didn’t know the people he was near when the incident happened.

“He did not know the people and didn’t know the suspect that shot him,” Thompson explains.

Thompson says cases like this are very rare and normally when someone is shot, they know it right away. At this point of the investigation police do not have a person of interest.

“You’re either going to hear a shot or once you hear a shot you realize that you have been shot based on some of the symptoms that were described by the victim,” Thompson says. “At this time we do not have a suspect. Detectives are still following up on this case.”